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#1 in NC

Our College of Computing and Informatics is the largest and most comprehensive technology program in North Carolina. In fact, it’s one of 6 of its kind in the nation. 95% job placement for graduate program alumni.

Fast Fact

IT jobs in Charlotte grew by 30%, double the rate of the US.

Choose Your Specialization

Whether you are interested in programming, data science, or systems, our programs allow you to specialize your education within several cross-departmental programs. If you want cutting-edge technology, we’ve got it. Graduate students can boost your career or research your passion alongside faculty who are top in their field.

Computer Science Degree with Concentrations In

AI, Robotics, & Gaming
Cyber Security
Data Science
Financial Services Informatics
Human-Computer Interaction
Information Technology

Software Engineering
Software, Systems & Networks
Web & Mobile Applications
10+ Graduate Certificates
Cyber Security Master’s
Data Science and Business Analytics Master’s
Cyber Security
Information Technology

About Us

UNC Charlotte is located in Charlotte, NC just 9 miles north of Uptown. We are the fastest growing university in North Carolina and were recently ranked one of the ten most innovative colleges in the country. Our large university with a small college feel, warm and sunny location, and outstanding academics are just a few reasons why students choose UNC Charlotte.

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