We're at an inflection point.

The world is filled with marketing agencies, software solutions, and ad vendors. But despite hundreds of billions of dollars worth of annual spending, businesses are often unable to find what they’re looking for: demonstrable business growth.

Why is this? How can we do better?

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First, digital marketing is far too fragmented and DIY.

Businesses have a range of marketing and sales tools available to them: CRM’s, ad platforms, CMS’s, &c. For the most part, though, these tools aren’t that well integrated and focus on one specific pipeline stage or marketing technique.

Even more importantly, they’re also largely self-service and DIY and make few allowances for critical knowledge gaps.

Second, “auteur marketing” is far too prevalent.

When organizations try to fill knowledge gaps with agencies, those agencies all too often focus exclusively on awareness and/or creative assets. Stakeholders obsess over creative and expect the middle and bottom of the funnel to take care of themselves.

Spray-and-pray is still the primary playbook. ROI is the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. And marketing data is unable to do what it does best: lead an organization toward better outcomes.

How do we fix this?

How do we give customers the demonstrable business growth they’re looking for? How do we maximize the ROI of marketing spending?

We adjust four core philosophies.

1. GoConvert is responsible for a customer’s entire funnel.

2. Marketing and sales should be less DIY and more like financial services.

3. Avoid creative eddies. Focus on audience insights.

4. Don’t charge customers fees. We eat when you eat.

"I want to learn more."