VPP Simplified

Powered by FD.io, Vector Packet Processing delivers 100x faster network throughput.

VPP is fast, flexible, and inexpensive. Learn more in this free eBook.


For decades, the only way to speed up packet processing was to add faster and faster hardware. When Moore's Law couldn't address that need sufficiently on commodity silicon, the industry resorted to expensive and slow specialty silicon. But there is a new game in town: Vector Packet Process­ing (VPP).

Powered by the FD.io open source project, VPP delivers up to two orders of magnitude greater packet processing throughput, via software running on commodity processors.

But what exactly is VPP? How does it perform this feat? How can it benefit you?

  • VPP is fast.

  • VPP is flexible.

  • VPP can be deployed anywhere.

  • VPP is open source.